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Wadi Al-Emlaq Co. we are proudly dealing with the local customer needs since its
 establishment in 2005 in the field of civil and related construction works.
In the earlier years 1995 Wadi AL-Emlaq Co. was in the business activities working
with other companies and limited its service to Iraq  region where major
residential and commercial buildings projects were constructed. Later its construction projects
were expanded to different provinces.
Wadi AL-Emlaq Co. started its business as investor in Baghdad area in the specialized fields
and expanded business areas in water and wastewater treatment plants and pre drilling oil field services
Logistic & pipe and pumps supply. Wadi Al-Emlaq Co. knowledge in Iraq is imperatively effective and has the
understanding of business scope for public and private organization
whose combined effort are required to resolve and assist with any challenges for the common good.
With the professional, experienced and devoted workface,
possession construction equipment's and a progressive management, Wadi  Al-Emlaq Co.  is moving towards a better future.

Wadi Al-Emlaq Co. focus and concern to achieve success by committing to the
 highest customer service, efficiency, ethical and moral.
Wadi Al-Emlaq Co. strives to build a strong rewarding relationship
 with its clients, partners, suppliers and employees.

To become a dominate and leading organization, providing services to the oilfield market.
To obtain the international recognition in oilfield industry.

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